Motothrills uses its websites and various social media platforms to inform and inspire. Comments and feedback from our followers are essential to our mission to provide timely and effective communications and excellence in all that we do.

To foster harmony, we’ve established a code of conduct for visitors to our website and social media platforms. We reserve the right to remove or edit any post or comment that fails to meet the following criteria:

  1. No vulgar language – If you shouldn’t say it in polite company, you shouldn’t say it here.
  2. No bullying, personal attacks, hate speech, or harassment – This applies to anyone, including other users or staff.
  3. No personal information – Not yours or anyone else’s.
  4. No false information
  5. No spam
  6. No off-topic comments – Keep comments related to the post being made.
  7. No Business Advertising – Comments regarding raising money for charity are okay, but they must be relevant to the post and no more than 1 per post.

Posts or comments not meeting this code will be removed without warning. Repeated attempts to circumvent this code of conduct will result in removing your ability to comment on our feed.

We employ software to monitor our feeds for posts that break these rules. However, it occasionally triggers a false positive and automatically hides the comment.  All hidden comments are reviewed within two business days, and we will manually unhide any false positives. If you think a comment has been hidden and shouldn’t be, you can e-mail [email protected]