Honda announced today that the Rebel 1100 will be released in a new T-level trim for 2023.  The 1100T DCT sits on Honda’s cruiser platform and adds “bagger” styling that includes wind protection and cargo space. As the name implies, it comes with Honda’s advanced dual-clutch transmission (DCT).  The standard Rebel 1100 is available in both manual and DCT configurations.

Powering the 1100T is a 1083cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke with 8-valve SOHC driving a DCT 6-speed unit with a chain drive. Special camshaft and ignition timing for each cylinder allows each cylinder to produce optimum power in a different RPM range without the complexity of variable valve timing. One cylinder produces more power below 4,000 rpm while the other produces more power above. The DCT operates in automatic shift mode by default but can also be manually shifted using paddle shifters. Several selectable shift programs tied to the Selectable Torque Control system are available to match the rider’s style. Throttle-by-wire allows standard cruise control.

The Rebel 1100T DCT is available in Metallic Black or Bordeaux Red Metallic and has a base price of $11,299. Seat height comes in at 27.5 inches with a wheelbase of 59.8 inches, and the whole package with fluids and fuel weighs in at 524 pounds.

Sales of the 2023 Rebel 1100T DCT begin in December 2022.

Images courtesy of Honda – click to enlarge